Here we go…

airplane windowI wish we traveled more.

It’s really easy to say that–and pin all the pictures on Pinterest, and follow the travel blogs, and drool over exotic Instagram adventures — and yet never even get out your own front door.

It’s understandable. I mean, most of us have day jobs and plenty of other necessities to spend our money on. Reading articles about what to do in Greece is great, but come on–I haven’t even made it to the Grand Canyon yet!

I’d like to, though. So here I am, starting a travel blog.

HOPEFULLY it will be an encouragement to do more exploring on the weekends–make better use of holidays–that kind of thing. But I also realized the other day that even though I feel like we don’t travel as much as we’d like to right now, I actually have a lot of mileage from the past that I can draw on. My family moved around a lot when I was growing up, and even just since getting out on my own over the last handful of years I’ve lived in Colorado, South Dakota, and Mississippi.

So my vision for this blog is Achievable Travel. You don’t need thousands of dollars and weeks of vacation days in order to travel–living all over the country has taught me that there are things to see and experience everywhere. Be a tourist in your own state — the ones next door, too.

Last weekend, the hubs and I had two days off in a row together–that never happens–so I planned a trip up to Huntsville, AL which is about a five-hour road-trip away (more about that later.) In hardly more than 24 hours, we had the most amazing time. Two tanks of gas and a $60 motel room–see, it doesn’t take much!

I’m thinking I’ll try to structure this blog to include weekend trips, day trips, and special destination profiles in a variety of geographic regions across the country. We’ll see how this evolves!

What do you think?