long beach ms

Hello! I’m Rissa, and the dashing man in the photo with me is the Hubs.

We are residing in the Deep South at the moment where I’m an accountant and he’s . . . well, he’s kind of a jack of all trades. We seem to have the most fun when we’re traveling and exploring new destinations, so I have started this travel blog to recount our adventures — and hopefully spur us onward to having more!

Most of our current adventures will probably be in Mississippi and the surrounding states — maybe some Wisconsin, too, as my parents live there! Some destinations that are pretty high on my bucket list are Arizona, Utah, and Maine. (And Peru, and England, and Spain — but those are  maybe a little less attainable at this point.)

visited states

As you can see from this map of states I’ve visited so far, we have a fair amount to draw on. Green states are places I’ve lived within the last decade or so, blue states are places where I’ve seen a fair amount, orange states are ones I’ve been a time or two or only had a very localized glimpse, and red states are ones I’ve pretty much only driven through or don’t recall much to report. 😉 NO, I’m not counting airports — if I were, I could tout myself as an authority on Dallas!